Mittwoch, 26. September 2012


("Swell Creek" / "Soul Food"; CD):
Here's the current album of this to me pretty new band from Germany, NEW HATE RISING, a band that I wanted to know already from of their earlier albums respectively their precursor full length release of this one here. But somehow I always missed it during 2011, due to the fucked up mess this year was personally for me, but when I saw their new album this March or so I really hadn't to think about it twice, I just grabbed it and then I allowed the album to blew me away heavily. This is no bullshit taking, not the talk talking but the walk walking, roughnecked, silverbacked, moshy, violent, metallic, hard and brutal Hardcore yet with a strong anthemic hymnal sing a long potential, a great clearly punky antisocial attitude and also a nicely self-ironical approach and even a lot people may disagree on this but personally to me especially the last points really give them a very own and very strong character and identity of their very own, and that's just great. If you like your Hardcore modern with knowing and staying true to its roots (or to name it New Old School Hardcore or also maybe Old New School Hardcore) and this to be located between TERROR, HATEBREED, FINAL PRAYER, BACKFIRE! and MADBALL then make sure that you know this guys in NEW HATE RISING, because you will truly love them, and you can calmly trust me upon this for sure. Brutal stunning and damn well-versed done and also nicely multi-layered skilled harsh and heavy guitar work, impressive through it all bombing drumming, massive brutal bass playing, and very charismatic aggressive and deep heavy throated shouted lead vocals, nicely backed up by loud, fat, broad and full gang shouts to back it all up. Great songwriting that also offers nice suprises in this thunderstorm of heavy brutal up to date old schoolish moshing Hardcore, and that's just even more great!!! My personal favorites are "BOUND BY LIFE" (that's awesome sing a long anthemic yet fucking massive hard and heavy Hardcore, thumbs up), "PARADISE CITY" (with a great let us call it tribute to the old GUNS'N'ROSES hymn of that name that we all know so well), "BACK ON THE ROAD" (catchy anthemic yet aggressive and brutal Hardcore at its best), and the mighty smashers "GRAVEMAKER", "ONE SOUND" and "YOUR CHOICE", as well as the skull and bones cracking title track, "PRAYER TO THE ASHES", by itself. And also the other and here by me not not mentioned tracks totally rule for sure. On top of it we get really a big bunch of damn cool and fucking good lyrics, and not to forget about the cool artwork and a great forceful peoduction sound that we get on top of it all. So what shall I say respectively write here anyhow more, this is a masterpiece album and for sure a must have for all the Hardcore roughnecks outta there. Great!!! Awesome!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (10 of 10 points)

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