Samstag, 8. September 2012

The almighty LOU FERRIGNO finally on "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE", and he's telling it like it was, is and will always be for Thugs like us...

Hey folks!!! Everything's fine?!? I hope so. Ah, can't wait to go finally tomorrow evening dancing to SKA finally again!!! Hm, but that's not the topic here and now, so okay, here we go... Just a little fun post for tonight before I will go to bed in the next few time. By the way, I discovered this evening the cool HELLFROST, damn fuckin' cool totally Old School Death Metal Punk in the tradition of HELLHAMMER and old and early CELTIC FROST, as well as some POSSESSED and of course WARHAMMER and they really gave me a blast and so stay tuned for the review of their current demo coming soon up here for you. And now back to this post!!! A funny picture of the almighty LOU FERRIGNO (will some day in the future get a proper tribute post up here) as a young child telling it like it is, like the story went, goes and will always be for real Thugs like us... :D
The young "Thug" of the name LOU FERRIGNO who should later gave life to the incredible Hulk!!!
And here you now get a nice little video of LOU "THE HULK" FERRIGNO fighting a bear, so watch it and beleve your eyes!!!
*** HULK vs. BEAR ***

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