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SHARP Oi! from out of the Russian Federation: KIDS OF THE STREETS - ''DISCOGRAPHY'' so far... feat. "Oi! FOR THE REBELS" (2009), "UNDER ATTACK" (2010) & "GET OFF!" (2011) and this all + Download Links @ Bandcamp

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Downloads):
Okay folks, now up are the KIDS OF THE STREETS, formed back then in 2008, rocking from out of Russia!!! This is a band that I discovered over the last weeks, while they had been unknown to me before, a really heavy and hard hitting Oi! band from the cold concrete of the Russian Federation, roaring out of the city of Voskresensk, and they gave us their so far for all what I know mostly complete discography officially for free up to download @ their Bandcamp site. When I stumbled upon this Band when surfing through  the web for some exciting new stuff finally also from out of the Oi! department again they were totally unknown to me. Maybe I've read their bandname in some mailorder or distro lists or maybe even in some fanzines over the last years but I can't swear that and also, hey, let's face it, the band name isn't that creative at all so even if I've read it somewhere I simply wouldn't know if that was this band from Russia. Okay, anyhow, because finally now I know them. After the cover artwork of their "UNDER ATTACK" full length album really caught my attention I took a more intense look at them and I discovered an outspoken, anti-fascist, pretty anti-capitalistic and anti-racist battle scarred gladiatorial and well thought through and also musically very hard hitting Oi! band from out of the SHARP department. And what I discovered I really liked and I still like damn much, lyrically very much as well as for sure and also first and foremost musically. And, by the way, to stand opposed and make a stand against the infectious and retarded Nazi poison is always a good thing anyhow!!! And some stupid mindless AFA-worshipping I also can't see, in contrast to most of the so called SHARP or RASH bands from (especially) Germany, for example, and this is very good as well. Hm, if there are any physical copies of the reviewed releases are still somewhere out there floating around I don't know. Just write the band @ and ask them. Also they have released a brandnew album, titled "BURN IT DOWN" or something so like this, just that you know it. Hm, and thinking about it I would wish to have their stuff here also on a proper CD or LP version (and not just as a MP3-Download) and their new album should also be very interesting. Hm, so I guess I will contact them some day by myself as well. So here with this very post I now will give you reviews of mostly all the so far released stuff of KIDS OF THE STREETS (beside their brandnew current album) in a chronological running order from 2009 to 2011, and so now here we go!!! Ladies and gentlemen, now here they come and are, the reviews:
("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
This is their first output for all what I do see, a single track from 2009, and it's the title track of their "Oi! FOR THE REBELS" named debut from 2009, but unfortunately I could not get my hands on it, neither as a MP3-Download nor as physiacl copy and so we have to stick with me doing a review of the title track up here and then that's just it for this one. The song is up tempo paced, hard hitting, pretty traditional Oi! Oi! Oi! Punk music marked by a very strong lead guitar and the lead work of it!!! Also the guitar work beside this is very tight and heavy, the riffing shredds through your ears, backed up by a bulky rhtyhm section that is very precise and save in timing played, and the charismatic and sharp spitted in English sung vocals then crown it all, while some nice "Oi! FOR THE REBELS" back up make it even better. Straight forward, fast paced, hard hitting, no fancy trendy bullshit Oi! Oi! Oi! for the next streetfight awaits you. Filled with lyrics against political scumbags and the corrupt system we live in and to stand up against it. What shall I write more, it's just one song and thinking about it that you by now should know what you get here let me just point out that this is a damn good one and is a strong starting point. So get the download and sing a long with your fists in the air to this anthem. Strong music, great lyrics, nice artwork packed up to it and a heavy rocking production sound. All what you need is there, so get the track!!! Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! (8 of 10 points)
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And here's the full length album of 2010 by KIDS OF THE STREETS, released for what I think primarly on CD, and like written up there in the introduction writing to this post, this is the album that I got aware of at first and that caught my attention for the first time. And as far as I really like their first sign of life as a proper band from 2009, their "Oi! FOR THE REBELS" stuff, I really love this album and it's pretty much one of the very best Oi! albums that I listened to over the last years. They developed quite a bigger bit and enriched their strong stomping and hard hitting brickwall Oi! with a clear U.K. influence with a impressive Rock & Roll feeling, great U.S. American Oi! influences (especially from bands like PRESSURE POINT and THE HARRINGTON SAINTS they draw some inspiration I guess and also a clearly strong Boston Oi!/Streetpunk feeling and influence is to be noticed) and also some folky and by russian folklore inspired parts are to be recognized (just listen to "MY NATIVE TOWN" or the brilliant "THE VOICE OF THE MAINSTREAM" and you will or at least should know what I mean), and espeially the very diverse and multi-layred, well-versed guitar work truly shines out, hand in hand together with the impresive improved charismatic and diverse skilled lead vocals, that are also just pure shining gold. Also the rhythm section improved strongly, going on like a diverse and precise working heavy bombing machinery with soul. The songwriting also is just phenomenal, building a lot of grapping tension and delivering one hell of strong and nicely varying songs and phenomenal sing a long moments one after another. Combine U.K. Oi! like the old legends of the COCKNEY REJECTS and new hopefuls like BOOZE & GLORY with U.S. Oi! like PRESSURE POINT and THE HARRINGTON SAINTS, then also with Boston Oi!/Streetpunk, some good strong doses of Folk and folklore (and bands like the DROPKICK MURPHYS and FLOGGING MOLLY should also be no strangers to the KIDS OF THE STREETS), and round it finally up with some healthy doses of some good rounds of STAGE BOTTLES impressions, and then melt it all together with a very strong own identity and forget all about ''copy & paste musick" and then you have a pretty good impression of what the KIDS OF THE STREETS are all about. And this album also showcases what a band is able to put out after just two years of existence when good and hard working guys really aim to create something of value. Thumbs up!!! Also the lyrics improved a lot and are just great stuff, covering also a wide distance of several different topics, from politics to personal stuff, Hooligan lyrics and also with a lot of Boots & Braces fun they deal in a proper way. The cover artwork with the Skinhead kicking in the heads of capitalists, politicians and police bastards is just great!!! The production sound is also pure gold. Nothing left to say, this is a ultimate masterpice, so just get it!!! Btw, the doubled guitar pricking in "IT'S UP TO YOU" sounds like a nice Oi!-ish tribute playing to IRON MAIDEN, and that's fucking cool. One of the very best Oi! albums (and not only talking about Oi! albums) in years, period. Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)
("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
This is their 2011 release and it was primarly released as a 7'' release, but as above in the case of the CD don't ask me which label used to put it out, I don't know it, sorry for this. With this four track EP from 2011 they worked their very on style that they founded on "UNDER ATTACK" more precisely and detailed out. But even this is again one hell of a great release, it can't completely match up with their masterpiece from 2010, but it's still a great release anyhow. Strong rockin' and rollin' Oi! somewhere between the U.K. and the U.S. with some nice folkish flavor to it and nice STAGE BOTTLES (minus the Saxophone) impressions. Great diverse guitar work, but this time the riffing is not completly that strong like on the album and instead of this the very strong rockin' and rollin' anthemic lead guitar takes even more the lead further on and doing even a lot of the ''singing'' by its own, if you know what I mean. It's damn strong and if you like this even more than I do it you will for sure love this release and this again even more than I do it. Anthemic sing a longs they deliver as well non stopp and the skills of the msuicians improved again, especially again the guitars and the lead vocals really shine out, and this is also just great. Sharp edged, hard hitting, bonedry and skullcracking, yet very melodic and catchy, fucking anthemic and hymnal, damn diverse Oi! is it what the KIDS OF THE STREETS deliver here, and when you have also some old swedish Oi! roughnecks like RADIO 69 way up high on your list and you should still don't know the KIDS OF THE STREETS then let me tell you that you should change this very soon because you will love them as well and then start with this release of them. Strong fresh lyrics on top of it, again a great artwork and a full proper production sound to make it all very damn round. Again highly recommended by me to you so just get it. Cheers & fuckin' Oi! and destroy!!! (9 of 10 points)
So, okay, that's it so far, all stuff by the KIDS OF THE STREETS reviewed here is calmly and highly recommended by me to you if you are just anyhow into Oi! music. This is a amazing great band, so check them out!!! And on "Oi! Oi! Music .com" you can also find an interview with them from the October of the last year, go and click on the interviews section andscroll untill you find it, and so check it out. Oi! Oi! Oi!

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