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TOXIC DEATH KOMMANDO MILITIA - "TOXIC DEATH KOMMANDO MILITIA" / "TDKM" - "TDKM" (Hardcore Punk from South Africa + Download Link)

(= "TDKM")
("We Did This Records"; CD/2007 + MP3-Download/2012):
First of all I have to admit that I have not a single little clou what's going on in Punk and Hardcore musick circles in South Africa and so this band, album and also the label (I think it's a in South Africa based one) are nothing but total strangers to me. But to me it seems that this album was primarly relased as a CD version in 2007 via "WE DID THIS RECORDS" and is now up for a free download on the Bandcamp site of the label. Maybe because it's sold out and so with this out of print or why else ever, don't know, don't care (that much). I will now walk the easy way and just let the label talk about the band, so that you know a little bit of the inside story, and I think mostly all of us need this somehow at least if they are like me unfamiliar with Hardcore and Punk from South Africa, so here we go:
"TDKM were a group of friends who in mid 2006 decided to start a band. They all came from previous punk bands, and when the Cape Town scene suddenly died were the only ones around who felt the need to carry it on in some way. They went through a series of name changes, from Dead Rabbits to Skum, and finally to TDKM. They were still experimenting musically, and trying to find their feet with a sound when the band came to an end. / They had a 7" released on Broederkont Records. This Includes those songs and some unreleased demos."
So, okay, back to the topic, the self titled album of TDKM here. They give us all in all eight songs in about tweny minutes, and this are twenty minutes full of pissed off aggressive angry and nasty by dirty, filthy and harsh shredding guitars forward driven fast paced Hardcore influenced Punk with a nice U.K. '82 HC Punk background as well as an early U.S. HC Punk backbone as well beefy backed up hate tunes. And fans of a band like THE CASUALTIES and also TOTAL CHAOS fans should check TDKM out very promptly, period. The songwriting is pretty diverse and multi-layered while the musicians are pretty skilled well-versed guys, so that the songs often wait with some nice suprises like tricky drum rhythms and hypnotic riffing and some other nice stuff to make it all more grapping and keeping it pretty interesting over the time. Beside the noisy shredding mean dirty guitars the rhythm section really cracks skulls and smashes some bones as well, and the nicely from throaty screams to brutal shouts varying vocals round it all up. Critical and strong lyrics we get as well, the cover artwork is a cool one and the nicely earthy raw rough'n'tough production sound fits perfect. So, yes, don't know what I shall write here and now anyhow more, good stuff and this not because (at least to me) it's somehow exotic or so, no, just because it's simply good stuff. Not my personal favorite kind of music respctively of Hardcore and Punk but good anyhow and if you are into above mentioned stuff and bands then just get this album. Good stuff. (7 of 10 points)

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