Donnerstag, 20. September 2012

Eternia is here...

Just for the fun of it (as well as I really like the motifs) and to show respect to my heroes of youth (and now, of course... ;-) ...) and to pay tribute to my ''nerdyness''... Enjoy it!!! :D

*** The Overlord of Evil versus the Champ of Righteousness and Bravery ***

*** The Heroic Defenders in their ongoing battle against the Evil Warriors ***

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  1. Oh the memories... fuck Dino-riders, fuck Gi Joe, fuck Transformers and fuck Lego. He-Man was the shit as a kid and i can still to this day remember which one of them i got first (Ram-Man) and which one forced me to visit the doctor (Moss-Man's plastic hair pearcing my fingers and giving me an infection). I also sadly remember the serie going to shit when i was around 9 whent hey introduced the futuristic garbage (He-Man 2000 or something i think it was called) and to this day it's the only toys that have survived my cleanouts of the storage.... mainly because i want to give my future kids the same fucked up male physic ideals (with slightly gay tendencies) that i had to grow up with.