Montag, 17. September 2012

Not much free time for blogging...

Hey folks, currently it's a little bit (let us say) relaxed up here, due to the fact that over the last nearly two weeks now I simply didn't find that much free time to spend up here for blogging. A lot is waiting in the pipeline to come up here finally and I really hope that from this week on  I will be able to find the time to change things again. A lot of new albums waiting to be reviewed, and after I did over the last months especially reviews of "online releases" sent to me and so on and was in a hurry and in a trouble to get it all done somehow more or less in time I decided to cut this now and finish first the releases that are waiting now partially already some months ago to be reviewed up here. So the singles of the STRONG ISLAND BOOTBOYS and of LIGHT YOUR ANCHOR will be reviewed soon, as well as albums from AS I LAY DYING to RUNNING WILD and from BIOHAZARD to ONESTA will be finally reviewed as well up here by me for you. Also the new releases of I AM REVENGE, SUFFER THE PAIN and HORRIBLE x HANGOVER as well as the demo of DIS.AGREE will be up hopefully pretty soon. And especially a very big THANKS to Stefan/SUFFER THE PAIN and Miguel/HORRIBLE x HANGOVER (and WARKRUSHER) for sending me their new demos, THANKS guys, you're great!!! Also a interview with WARKRUSHER is currently in the work, more or less, after I just got the time to just settle the loose frame of it together by now, but it's in the work anyhow. And if I got my ass up also a interview with DEATH WILL SCORE will maybe come one more or less soon day. So Grindcore and Hardcore would be the next orders of the day in case of the ''Interviews'' department up here. The ''American Oi! History Series'' will also be continued, be curious about it. The ''Sports'' postings will be pretty sure continued with a review on the this years "MR. O." and a tribute to its victor. The supplement check up will also come for sure in the next time, as well as maybe something else different more. Fanzines, hm, there are only the current issues of the "OX FANZINE" and the "PLASTIC BOMB FANZINE" waiting in the pipeline. Will also come in the next week or so. Also a bunch of several different movies will be reviewed in the future, from thrashy stuff like "100 MILLION B.C." and "ALIEN VS. ZOMBIES - THE DARK LURKING" to big ones like "INGLORIOUS BASTERDS" some stuff is waiting in the pipeline. After I was over this year already again enjoying a lot of different live concerts there would be enough stuff to write about in the ''Gig Reports'' section, but still I am not that much excited about doing so and so I guess that the next ''Gig Report'' will still take some time before it comes up here to read some far away day. Especially after in the near future the focus will not be exlusive but anyhow pretty strong on doing finally the above mentioned reviews of records. So, you see, a lot is waiting. But currently I have a lot to do at and with work, as well as with my sports (aiming at maybe competing next year), and then there's also first and foremost my girlfriend and we're looking for a new appartment and much more, and also a lot of other stuff like this and so you see, not much free time and the little free time I simply didn't want to spend infront of my computer with blogging so much over the last two weeks but I will change this again pretty soon and maybe also already with and from this week on, at least so it's planned, and we will see what happens. Anyhow thanks for your interest. Cheers!!!


  1. Same thing here (though appearently i have enough free time to comment on your site so maybe i shouldnt complain) and the little free time i have i cant summon the strength to go all serious with making long reviews etc etc (plus Borderlands 2 is comming out this week so it's time to dust of the old Playstationmachine)

    1. Haha, sounds good!!! :D But you're totally right, currently especially the writing of long and detailed reviews is something I'm looking forward to with not that much fun anymore. After doing this year an nearly endless seeming flow of record reviews a little break was and maybe anyhow still is needed from doing this... And "Borderlnads II" should be great!!! :D