Montag, 3. September 2012

INCRÜST - "A HATE NAMED REVOLT" (Metallic Crustcore sledgehammer assault from Geneva, Switzerland, all the D.I.Y. way in 2012 + Download Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
The band, INCRÜST, wrote me some time ago a e-mail asking me to do a review of their newest and if I got it right also first release and also sending me this piece of album already with this mentioned very e-mail. So first of all THANX a lot to the band for writing to me and sending me the demo and for sure I will do review it, right here and right now. Then next up a very big SORRY for the fact that I just get it done finally by now and with this surely that damn late, I'm - again - very SORRY for it. So, okay, onward we go. And before you now want to ask or start yourself to ask if there are any physical copies of it around then don't ask me, I have not a single clou, at least not currently. This is the debut demo of INCRÜST entitled "A HATE NAMED REVOLT", released this very year, while INCRÜST are already around since somthing around 2010 or something so like this and members of INCRÜST had also been around or are also around with bands like MUMAKIL, BURNING FLESH, and SEDATIVE. They deliver us here in around sixteen minutes six songs including one great NASUM cover (of "TIME TO ACT") of a brutal devastating Grindcore influenced and Death Metal fueled hate filled and by (also partially dirty rockin', noisy rollin' and filthy groovin') D-Beat inspired Hardcore influenced mayhemic metallic Crustcore assault. It's anyhow over all a pretty modern and metallic as well as grinding approach that INCRÜST use or have to finally deliver the goods, and surely they deliver good. Brutal stunning guitar work full of aggression and metallic heavyness and sharp edged grinding harshness but also very diverse and skilled with suddenly happening changes of th rhythms and the pace of the songs that break of the structure for a suprising moment just to close this suddenly appeared lack and make it all even more complete and hard and heavy, intense as fuck. Then there's this ultra tight and precise and incredible massive and pitbull like steadfeast rhythm section that backs it all up and surely creates a violent and impressive wall of sound. All is then crowned by fucking extreme and damn intense aggressiv and brutal vocals that vary from infernal and hysterical high screams to deep and low throaty and guttural grunts. The songwriting is strong and damn interesting and grapping and nicely fresh, and all is delivered by skilled and well-versed musicians. Maybe you can say that if you take WOLFPACK/WOLFBRIGADE and TRAGEDY and take the symphonic leads and melodies away and replace them with sheer savage Grindcore brutality (they do cover NASUM for good reasons) and add also by far more forceful Death Metal assaults to it and add finally also some DISFEAR, rounded up by strong own characteristics, yes, then you should have a pretty good impression of what to expect from INCRÜST. It's really great!!! Lyrical they do cover a wide distance, following a critical, politically surely left-winged and progressive approach. (And thumbs up for that.) The coverartwork is a great one and the production sound is just nothing else than a pure bomb. So, yes, nothing left to say I think, just get the demo by using the official link that the band send me. And then enjoy it and go ramapge on it. Btw, my personal favorite is the phenomenal anthem "HxC RIOTS", an awesome hymn!!! Great album!!! (9 of 10 points)

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