Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

CONTINGENT ANONYME - "CONTINGENT ANONYME" (Oi!/Streetpunk from Reims, France + Download Link)

(Also announced as: CONTINGENT X - "CONTINGENT X")
("Casual Records"; 7''/2010 + MP3-Download/2012 @ Bandcamp):
A to me totally new band from Reims, France playing some french Oi!/Streetpunk assault. This was primarly released already back then in 2010 as a 7'' and is now up for a free download at the Bandcamp site of the label, maybe due to the fact that the 7' is sold out but should still be kept floating around out there for all those potentially interested in it. I just have the download version, not at least because this band was before a week ago or so totally unknown to me. It contains all in all four songs that last for around twelve minutes, so good and typical 7''content. They sing in french (which I don't speak) and play a pretty punky yet nicely hard buzzing and shredding pretty typical Francé Oi!/Streetpunk cocktail, here and there also some very few SKA guitar licks are used. The pace of the songs varys from more mid paced songs to fast pogo punky tracks. Buzzing and shredding guitars, pretty tight rhythm section, a little bit too expression- and emotionless lead vocals, a lot of "Ah-ah!" and "Oh-oh!" back up chants that add a lot of sing a long potential to it and you have it. Songwriting is okay and to play their instruments they surely know about so that they do what they deliver pretty good from a "technical standpoint" of watching on it. They remind me very strong of A.S.C.O. but just that they sing french and not in spanish. Personally it's for me too punky and somehow too happy and I really miss more power and force behind it and also something that other bands haven't already given me at least a hundred times before and this mostly far better and so from my point of view it's nothing else but a typical midfield relase and beside die hard all and everything collecting Francé Oi!/Streetpunk nerds I don't really know who should be buying and celebrating this one here that much after all anyhow. But after it's up for free maybe you decide to give it a try anyway, but if you do so then don't say that you haven't been warned. What they sing about I don't know due to the language barrier, but the artwork is great and the production sound makes my thumbs go up for it. That's it. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! (5 of 10 points)

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