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HARBRINGER - "SLUMGULLIAN" & "OPINION NATION" (Hardcore from West Palm Beach, Florida/U.S.A. the DIY way in 2010 & 2012 + Download Links)

Okay folks, next up are HARBRINGER with their for what I know two current releases, titled "SLUMGULLIAN" from 2010 and "OPINION NATION" from 2012. I didn't know this band before some days ago, a week or so I guess, I stumbled upon their Bandcamp site when I was surfing the web a little bit and got their two demos that they offer up there for free as a official download. The artworks of their releases really grabbed me and got their hold on me and so I donwloaded the stuff. And after Hardcore was and is always high up on my list also this, the fact that HARBRINGER are a Hardcore band, couldn't hurt my plans of doing so, of downloading it. The band hails from out of the gutters of West Palm Beach, Florida/U.S.A. and for all what I know to date they put out this releases that I will review by now for you and I think so that this two albums are their only albums put out so far, and I have not a single clou if there are or ever had been physical copies of them floating around, but I pretty much think so. So that's it for this introduction talking, and so here we go, HARBRINGER, Hardcore from West Palm Beach, Florida/U.S.A., kick your ass!!!
(Six songs, thirteen minutes.)
("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
The first (?) output ever by HARBRINGER, recorded and then released by the 15th of July of 2010 by the band itself, giving us about six tracks at all in all in all about thirteen minutes. Metallic trashing Hardcore full of crunchy and crispy bulky and beefy massive guitar riffing enriched by cool leads and well-placed and well-timed solos, charismatic brutal full and proper shouted lead vocals, powerful through bombing bass work and sheer brutal and forceful slamming and stomping dumming and also some fat pissed off crew back up shouting chants on top of it. The guys really know how to play and their songwriting is just great, with a lot of clever changes of the rhythm, structure and pace, and with that they really grab you and keep it interesting, and that you can go nuts slam dancin' all over the place on this like fuck should be clear by now as well. They also follow a very characteristic way, somewhere between 1990's metallic Hardcore, Old School NYHC and some sort of newer ''thug-ish'' Hardcore, somewhere between xSTRIFEx, WARZONE, MADBALL, SHEER TERROR and the NORTH SIDE KINGS and BARCODE, and this all already very stand-alone. Great!!! On top of it we get a brilliant artwork that also showcases some Skinhead or Skinhead Hardcore background to it, very good lyrics (not part of the download, but you get them sooner or later when you listen aware to them) and a brilliant earthy and heavy production sound. A total bomb that left me hungy for more. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (10 of 10 points)
(Three songs, eight minutes.)
("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Here's the curren release of HARBRINGER, their second (?) demo carrying the title of "OPINION NATION", released at the 1st of January of 2012 (even the Bandcamp site names for what reasons ever 2013 instead of 2012... maybe they used a time machine or so...) and with this HARBRINGER serve and deliver us three new songs in about eight minutes at all. And what shall I say, maybe just: Why the hell this amazing band still don't have a record deal?!? I can't understand it!!! Every cheap crap smelly and slimy fart is sold these days as the next big thing, especially in Hardcore with this overwhelming flood of several subgenres and the incredible amount of bands, records and labels behind it, and when there's finally a great fresh young new band around that refuses to jump on any trend crap then all the oh so proud self proclaimed Hardcore die hards refuse to give them a fair try, it totally sucks and shows how dumb this whole bastards are, no matter if we talk about pseudo and wanna be ''Tough Guys'' and their more and more lame and dull and boring becoming Betadown stuff or if we talk about the PC AFA Vegan SxE Fraction or what and whom the fuck else ever... you ignorant wanna be Hardcore die hard elite guys make me sick!!! Okay, enough of me being an old angry grumpy guy ranting about and against new trends and back to the topic, the "OPINION NATION" titled second (?) demo by HARBRINGER from West Palm Beach, Florida/U.S.A., and so here we go: They haven't changed their style or attitude and stayed true to their selves and their musick, they just enriched it and cultivated it to deliver again one hell of a great fresh Hardcore blast assault. Skull smashing guitars, bone cracking bass, military war like drumming, brutal charismatic shouting, fat gang shouts and one hell of a lot of suprises, like brilliant trashing metallic guitar solos and just damn great songwriting all delivered by damn skilled musicians. Still doing their very own thing somewhere between xSTRIFEx, WARZONE, MADBALL, SHEER TERROR, NORTH SIDE KINGS and BARCODE and also coming with a slight Holy Terror Hardcore influence in it this time so that fans of bands like from IN COLD BLOOD to REBORN TO CONQUER should take a interested listen as well. Again also very strong lyrics, and just a great cover artwork and production sound as well. What should I say more, this is pure gold, second by second. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (10 of 10 points)
Okay, folks, that's it all for now and I just hope that finally someone please give this guys a good and fair, a proper record deal, because they really do more than deserve it, period. ANd now just get the downloads and go ramapge on HARBRINGER. Cheers & Oi! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!

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