Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

WOLF DOWN - "RENEGADES" (Political Vegan Straight Edge Hardore from Germany + Download Link)

(Four songs, ten minutes.)
("Disarmare DIY Collective"; 7'' + "D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Here's the new and with this also the second one by Germany's WOLF DOWN, the political motivated Vegan Straight Edge roughnecks. I've reviewed their precursor and if I remember it correct first output some months ago and here's their newest one. Released as a 7'' with download code via the to me pretty unknown "DISARMARE DIY COLLECTIVE" as well as a official for free MP3-Download by the band itself at their Bandcamp site. Don't ask me why they handle it all this way. I just have the MP3-Download, and so with this it will also be pretty much the last "online release" I review up here for the next time because after this one I will mostly focuss on the in the ''General Informations'' post two days ago mentioned albums so far. So, back to the topic, WOLF DOWNs "RENEGADES", and I will keep it short. Not a bad record at all but to me personally a huge step back, because it's all very equal, the songs just sound to much the same, same pace and same rhythm and same structure, if it wouldn't be for the guitars  it would be a total let down and beside the great title track all songs are basically just mid paced stompers especially for the windmilling violent dancers out there. Even this now may sound pretty harsh, but if you are really deep into Hardcore for a while now already then you will notice not that much of an identity here anymore and so it's also if you take the songwriting and the songarrangements a step back for WOLF DOWN, even the guitar work is really strong and improved even a lot and so often the riffing really shines and prevents together with the very skilled and charimatic brutal shouted female lead vocals this release from falling completly down. Throw WALLS OF JERICHO, REBORN TO CONQUER and ALL OUT WAR into the mix, mix it up, but expect not too much, and then go and find what WOLF DOWN deliver today... I am disappointed from this album and hope that the band rightens the wrong again with the next one... but maybe it's just me, who knows, because if you like today's sterotypical mid paced windmilling down beating violent dancing approved metallic Hardcore then this might be your holy grail for today... Good couraged and motivated politically charged lyrics again, a good and very bulky and beefy production sound as well and a cover artwork that is as boring as most of the songs up here... (6 of 10 points)

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