Samstag, 22. September 2012

STRONG ISLAND BOOTBOYS - "PITBULL BREED" (American Oi! from the NYC on 7'' vinyl via "UNDER WATCHFUL EYES" in 2012)

("Under Watchful Eyes"; 7''):
I've posted some months ago a video of this great American Oi! band from out of the NYC that really convinced me heavily and that I came known to thanks to the almighty "THE U.S. OF Oi! OF SWEDEN" blog by Bernando where their "GUILTY" titled 2005 demo was uploaded for downloading. (Okay, for what else...) It was never ever released in a proper way before early 2012 when the to me beside this demo totally unknown "UNDER WATCHFUL EYES" record label finally released it in a proper way. I have not a single clou about this label, maybe it's a subdivision of "UNITED RIOT RECORDS" or so because that's the label that first was announced to finally release the stuff of the STRONG ISLAND BOOTBOYS but anyhow more I don't know or could I anyhow guess something more about it. But it's also anyway not that important after all, at least if you ask me. The STRONG ISLAND BOOTBOYS consisted out of members of FED UP!, BRASS KNUCKLE NEGOTIATION and AGGRESSIVE THREAT and had close ties to OFFENSIVE WEAPON, SKIN DISORDER and the almighty legends of OXBLOOD, if I understood it all at least a little bit correct. The band released the mentioned demo, shared members with FED UP! and played live and then broke up when a band member moved from the States to Chile. So they never ever got a proper release anyway, until 2012 when their "GUILTY" demo gets a 7'' (re-) release with the new title of "PITBULL BREED". And the only sad thing about it is that we probably will never ever get more by this strong great band. I really love this band and together with the (re-) release of the FRONTLINE SOLDIERS "THE OATH OF LOYALTY" 7'' at the end of 2011 this is one of the very best stuff in Oi! to come for a while, period. You love hard hitting brutal and heavy NYC Oi! in the tradition of OXBLOOD? Perfect! You also love Old School roughnecked silverbacked NYHC with a clear and strong Skinhead background like FED UP! and also WARZONE? Even more perfect! Dry throated harsh shouted lead vocals, backed up by full and loud back up chants, heavy roaring hard guitars, a excellent brutal shredding very present bass and military massive stunning drumming, hell a lot of great fist in the air sing a longs and nicely varying songwriting, and all done and delivered surely well-versed and truly very good, and also all coming with a strong own identity, and for this thumbs up high. Clear Hardcore influences melted into brutal no bullshit taking Oi! music, great and more than that. Battle scarred, violent and gladiatorial lyrics on top of it, coming on limited black vinyl (but I would guess that there had been other colored limited versions floating around), warpped in an awesome artwork and in a brilliant dirty, heavy, earthy and very strong by the bass marked and on the bass focussed production sound. I love this stuff!!! Don't know if there are any copies of it still around but anhow try everything to get it. Best songs are "UNITED SKINS", "PITBULL BEED" and "SCARED OF NO ONE", but also "GUILTY" and the "S.I.B.B. STOMP" are just through and through great tracks. Amazing American Oi! from the U.S. East Coast out of the streets of the NY and C!!! Get it!!! More than highly recommended!!! Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! (10 of 10 points)
I love the artwork and it would also be a great tattoo motif.

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