Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

THE PACK - "RUN WITH THE PACK" (Straight Edge Hardcore from Moscow, Russia all the "D.I.Y." way in 2012 + Download - Link @ Bandcamp)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download @ Bandcamp):
Cool shit by this Straight xxx Edge Hardcore roughnecks from Moscow, Russia. I discovered them when I was surfing through the web on my maybe never ending seeming search for some new exciting good cool stuff. It was pretty much the pretty cool coverartwork that caught my attention right from the start, and so I visited the Bandcamp site of this to me new but all in all already quite some time around and pretty active being band named THE PACK. They have already release two albums before this one here, one in 2011 (titled: "IT'S STILL OK!") and one in 2010 (carrying the title of: "LIVE AT VEGAN CLUB 17.10.10"), and also they seem to tour and play live quite a bit all over the place, so two concert dates in Germany in 2012 are already confirmed and announced (Sep. 30. in Kempten, and Nov. 17. in Passau). So, okay, this is the thrid release of THE PACK from Moscow, Russia and it's titled "RUN WITH THE PACK" and gives us six songs in about six minutes. So it would also had been a nice collectors 7'' or Tape or so, but maybe is this also released as a proper physical version. Maybe, who knows? At least not me, because that's something that is unknown to me. Okay, THE PACK shred hard and heavy, harsh and sharp through ripping furious punky as well as slightly metallic pretty Old School yet with a strong fresh breathe coming bloody heavy Hardcore with the Straight xxx Edge. They name SS DECONTROL as one of their major influences and I think I can calmly go with this, even THE PACK play it much heavier and harder and sound also from my point of view far more tight than their (with justification) legendary influence from Boston, MA/U.S.A. and what shall I say, this by the very heavy and brutal deep shouted lead vocals and the massive wall of sound like guitar riffing dominated, by the beefy rhythm section massively backed up and by truly good songwriting dominated short litlle six tracks in six minutes demo is running through and through here again and again since some days. So, yes, surely and calmly recommended by me to you. Nice Straight xxx Edge Hardcore lyrics (but less cliché than you now might expect), the very cool artwork and the stunning heavy production sound we get here on top of it. Good stuff, without a doubt. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (8 of 10 points)

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